Sex toy buyer’s guide – Three products you should check out

If sex toys are an important part of your life, then we salute you. Now seriously, it’s getting really hard to choose just one thing each time you visit a sex shop, because the adult industry is growing a lot faster than we’re capable of understanding our own needs. That’s why we keep making this lists – to help you find what you’re looking for before you even thought about buying something.

Stud Strap against premature ejaculation

Find the best sex strapons here. Stud Strap is a simple invention that, according to some users, can delay your ejaculation for quite a while. When a man is approaching orgasm, his testicles elevate and tighten up close to his body. Stud Strap is placed where the penis touches testicles, and this gentle barrier prevents balls from elevating and therefore delays ejaculation. When you are both ready to cum, free your balls and … Read the rest

The Bathmate penis hydro pumps

 Depending on your health and goal, penis pumps can be really effective both in treating erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement. There are also pumps specifically designed for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, but most penis pumps work on the principle of creating vacuum within the cylinder. They usually come in three types: electrical, hand pumps & shower pumps.

Completely safe and clinically tested

Thanks to the HydroPump technology, Bathmate hypdro pumps are the first and only penis pumps that use the incredible power of water. The level of pressure can be easily controlled and this is also making it a lot easier to use than traditional penis pumps. All these years of being the best selling pumps on the market showed that Bathmate’s products are easy to use, totally harmless and can be used by all men, both those who have problems with potency, as well as healthy people who … Read the rest

How to choose the right vibrator – A quick guide for finding your new sex toy

The absolutely amazing offer of vibrators of different styles, sizes and materials can be inspiring and a little bit scary, too. Searching for the perfect vibrator requires some research, so by answering these few simple questions you might avoid the information overload and find out what you really need.

What do you want to use it for?

Given that almost anything that vibrates will be good enough for clitoris stimulation, penis-shaped vibrators are suitable for penetration and can also be used outside the vagina. So ask yourself – do you want full penetration, or just clitoral vibration? Vibrators for dual stimulation are great if you don’t want to choose just one type of stimulation. Electric vibrators have the strongest vibration, so if you have problems with reaching an orgasm you might want to try them first. If you want a toy for anal penetration, choose the vibrator with a limiter, … Read the rest


The artificial vagina is not only good for male masturbation, but has also proven to be excellent when you want to refresh your relationship. Dozens of different shapes and models are at your disposal: from basic ones, to those who feel almost like a real vagina and have been designed to resemble famous porn actresses’ pussies from around the globe. Pretty neat, huh? And the best part is you can use each one of them with your partner.

Unleash your inner voyeur

We all know that the vast majority of women would never share their partner with someone else. That doesn’t mean our hidden erotic fantasies aren’t full of scenes in which you’re watching your partner in action with another, imaginary woman. Women just like men react to strong visual erotic stimuli, which means they too observe their partner’s body and facial expressions during sex. So, dear ladies, awake the … Read the rest

How much sexual activity is considered “normal”?

Many people are wondering whether they’re having sex too often, or not enough at all. The answer isn’t that simple, but basically, the frequency of sexual intercourse is okay if both partners are feeling satisfied. Too much sex might lead to boredom and even depression (yep), but too little of it will definitely make you feel even worse. On the other hand, it’s also resonable that your sex life can’t be improved if you’re constantly worried about improving it. Sex is not a competition and there are no rules, yet we’ll try to answer this popular question.

How often the “average couples” have sex?

The frequency naturally varies for different couples, but according to several studies most of the couples are having sex two to three times per week. However, there are many others who do it a lot more often. Some adhere to a fairly orderly schedule, while others … Read the rest

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